Menu Plan Monday Aug. 20, 2007

by lora on August 20, 2007

I’m trying to get back into life and life organization this week. I am feeling a great deal better, though I am still plagued with sinus headaches a lot. We will be doing many organizational things in preparation for school and life in general as we go through the next few days.

Today we are working in the kitchen, as my second and final set of shelves is being installed tonight! YeeeeHaw! (That’s Texacan for really really happy!) Tomorrow we will be finishing the sorting of our books, and re-organizing them on the shelves. I have a tendency toward OCD and all of my books have to be organized according to the Dewey Decimal System; if they aren’t I tend to go a little nutty and can’t find anything. Later in the week I will be delving into the depths of terror, which is my bedroom. Because we have 7 people in a single wide mobile home, most rooms are multi-functional, including my bedroom. It serves as a bedroom, office, and craft room. The craft supplies have taken on a life of their own, so the girls and I will be sorting, culling, and organizing all of our supplies. I hope to post pictures and updates of all of our organizational work as we complete it.

I am also getting back to planning my menus, which is another step in my life organization. I get so much more done when I have a plan, and I find literally seeing what I have accomplished written on paper to be a great motivator. If you’d like to see what others will be doing in their kitchens this week, drop by Laura’s blog.

Sunday– Breakfast Pizza

Monday–Mexican Cornbread

Tuesday– Pirate Stew

Wednesday– Dinner with friends

Thursday– Baked Chicken, Rosemary Potatoes, Honey Glazed Carrots, Butter Beans and Biscuits

Friday– Tortilla Casserole

Saturday– Homemade Pasta Sauce with Pasta and Homemade French Bread

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