Our Day August 28, 2007

by lora on August 29, 2007

After watching the eclipse, we finally fell into bed at 7:30am. We all slept until close to 1pm. Not a lot got a done around the house today, but a great deal was accomplished by staying up all night. Hearts were strung together, we had much laughter, and we learned some along the way. When we dropped Lindsay’s film off at Sam’s today, we had a conversation with the man and woman who worked in the photo center. We talked about how we had stayed up all night to watch the eclipse, and they asked, “Wasn’t it hard at school today?” To which we happily stated, “No, we homeschool.” When we said that I thought of how blessed I am to have my daughters surrounding me all day long. I have the ability to share many wonderful experiences with them and to not delegate the joys, as well as the sorrows to someone else.  Homeschooling allows us to have the freedom to stay up all night, so that we can experience a part of God’s wonderful creation, first hand. My cup truly does overflow with blessings!

We had a refreshing thunderstorm this afternoon, which left is drops on our flowers. We found a couple of earthworms making their way across the damp concrete this evening. One was so tiny; it is resting in Caroline’s hand for this picture.

When Gene came home from work today, he brought home a surprise. One of the men he works with made some fire-starters using a cardboard egg carton, wax, and dryer lint. He melted the wax, poured it into the egg carton, and then added the lint. After they were dry, he cut them apart. When Gene lit them he lit a part of the egg carton that was sticking out. They burn very brightly, and for quite a while. I am posting some pictures from our day; we found that the fire-starters made such a varied and unusual composition.

Caroline working on her list.

A Hibiscus peeking over the fence top.

Hannah reading, and not interested in much else.

Rachel working on decorations for Sarah’s upcoming birthday party.

Lindsay playing Scrabble online with her friends.

Gene put the fire-starters on aluminum foil for safety.

Hannah and Caroline


A fire-starter

The following are Lindsay’s pictures of the fires. She experimented with the settings and got some very good and interesting pictures. I hope that you enjoy them.

I hope that you had a blessed day also. Be ever so thankful for the many blessings that have been bestowed upon you!

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