It Is Finished!

by lora on September 7, 2007

We finished up in Lindsay’s room Monday evening. We ran into one problem along the way, O.K. one major problem (we didn’t count the little ones). As I was removing the carpet on Friday night, I ran into a wet and mildewed section. After some investigation, we found that our A/C had been leaking slowly over time, and the carpet has been keeping the sub floor wet. We also had to rip up a section of wet carpet in the hall as well. Without the carpet on those sections of the sub-floor, the wet spots are finally drying up.

We laid the flooring in Lindsay’s room, all except for that one patch. The flooring Gene found is really great. It is a floating vinyl, which works very well in a mobile home, or any home that has a chip board sub-floor. The vinyl doesn’t stick to the floor, they interlock and stick to each other. You can find the flooring at Home Depot. The color we chose is hickory, which I love!

Lindsay chose a teal wall color, which at first I was very unsure about. I thought it would look too dark and make her already small room look smaller, but with the new arrangement it looks quite open, and I love the color. In the near future we are going to get her a chocolate brown comforter, which will look great with the walls.

I have also started on my room, rearranging it for now, and in the future I will paint and re-floor it. I will also be going through everything in my room and closet, de-junking along the way. I have tons of fabric stored in my closet, which I am going to greatly reduce. I am going to get rid of a lot of scraps, and am going to store the non-seasonal fabrics. Because of all this re-arranging, my living room and kitchen are in chaos, which I hope to eliminate over the next couple of days!

Here are a few pictures from our re-do of Lindsay’s room

Lindsay has her mother’s penchant for collecting books. These books are on a 5 foot table and stacked about 2 1/2 feet high.

This is a portion of Lindsay’s room when we were preparing to paint. Her bookshelves and hope chest have been moved to the center of the room.

Gene laying the flooring.

Here is the flooring after we laid a couple of rows next to the teal walls, they go really well together.

Sarah is trying to take possession of Lindsay’s room…. hoping we won’t notice.

Another view of the room, with most of the floor laid.

Lindsay’s new bamboo blinds, which went with the flooring and wall better than we anticipated.

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