Early Learning

by lora on December 7, 2007

The little girl in this video is an inspiration. She is a reminder of how much a little one can learn. It brought back memories of Lindsay when she was 3. She loved dinosaurs, and could name every one. She didn’t learn them because I sat down and drilled her; she learned their names because she was interested in dinosaurs. We didn’t have formal lessons, she would ask me their names, and I would tell her. She had books about dinosaurs and talked about them all the time. I wish I could figure out how to upload the video I have of her from when she was 2 and she was telling us what she wanted for her third birthday. “I wanna big-o big-o dinasawwwr.” We explained that we didn’t have room for a big ole dinosaur, so she changes her plan, “I wanna leeetle biwwy dinasawwwr.” When she was 3 1/2 I was taking Sarah in for a checkup and we happened to be in a room that was decorated in her favorite theme. When the doctor came in I had Lindsay name the dinosaurs for him. When she finished, I asked, “Is that normal?” to which he asked, “Is she right?” When I told him that yes she was right on all of them he said, “No, that’s not normal.” My question would now be, why not? I didn’t do anything special or extraordinary, I just spent a little time talking to her about something she loved. I think part of the key, was allowing her to learn about what she loved in a more natural way. Thinking back on this, I can see that even before I knew what homeschooling was, that is what I was doing with her. I was even incorporating the method I still use with my girls today: natural learning.

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