The Baking Chocoholic

by lora on February 28, 2008


Our 13 year old daughter Rachel loves baking and chocolate; which prompted her to change her blog name to The Baking Chocoholic. While browsing blogs the other day she came across an idea that struck a chord with her; reviewing food & candy. She has begun her foray into this realm and is really enjoying it. She is putting a lot of time and effort into writing descriptive reviews, taking better photographs of her subjects, and critically thinking about what she likes and dislikes about a product. I hope that you will take the time to visit her blog and see what she has to say.

The Baking Chocoholic

:Update: The Baking Chocoholic is no longer active though Rachel now (6/05/2012) has a new blog, Lavender And Honey.

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