Hell Is For Good People

by lora on March 6, 2008

Four years ago Gene began working on a novel with the desire to publish. As he was wrapping up editing, he became convicted that it would be wrong to commercialize the gospel, and therefore he would not sell the book. To that end, we have created a website where the book will be offered as a free gift. Our goal is to get this book into as many hands as possible, hoping to reach them with the true gospel. There is no catch, no request for money or support… it is a completely free gift. Our hope is that you will read the book and also share the site with others. If you have any questions, visit our Hell is for Good People site or feel free to e-mail us at: contact@hellisforgoodpeople.com

We have also worked with our great friends at Custom Tract Source to create tracts that go along with the book.



We do not make any money off the sale of these tracts; they are just a means we have created to spread the gospel. Offering a free gift to someone is just another way to open the door to sharing the gospel with them.

Please read the summary of the book below and visit our site.


Dave Babin was your average Joe in most ways: Hard working, with a belief in God and country to go along with a driving pursuit of the American Dream-getting all you can while you can because you’ll only get one shot at it. An abundant life lived to its fullest was the template that most folks patterned their lives around, only to varying degrees and limitations enforced by the almighty dollar. Then the world’s economy was turned on its ear, reducing most of its inhabitants to a level playing field, one where the strong survived and the weak stomped on.

Like a ten dollar ad in the New York Times, many a story melted into the chaotic surroundings brought on by the devastating oil catastrophe, not the least of which coming out of the global madness were reports and rumors of certain individuals up and vanishing—literally. It made no sense to the multitude of “believers” remaining, millions of good people left wondering . . . what happened?

Dave Babin, never one to shy away from offering his expert opinion on any subject, found himself sitting in the same boat of confusion with no answer, though one was definitely on its way, and in a package he could’ve never seen coming.

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