by lora on May 8, 2008

It seems as if that is all I have the time to do anymore. The sad thing is, I can’t tell you great important things that I have been doing. It seems the everyday stuff is keeping me hopping enough.

The trip to Bossier City to see Gene’s dad went well. It was chock full of running, though often it seems like the situations were more hurry up and wait. We left here at 2pm on Wed the 30th. Upon arriving in town, we unloaded the van, freshened up and went to the hospital. Pop was in a step down room, which enabled us all to see him. With all the kids, grandkids and such, had a pretty big group. They decided to postpone his surgery until Friday, because of the blood thinners he was on. He felt good and enjoyed the visits from everyone. After the hospital we went grocery shopping with Gene’s sister, Ginger.

Thursday we went to Pop & Nanny’s house to cook and clean. I put several main dishes in the freezer, while the girls dusted, scrubbed bathrooms and vacuumed. Nanny has been having bad back problems and is having trouble getting around and standing, so we were trying to do all we could to make things easier on her while Pop was recovering. It wasn’t all work at Pop & Nanny’s though. The girls were able to visit the horses and look at the flowers. Caroline and Lindsay had a great time taking pictures of all of Nanny’s flowers. I was also able to take a break and snap a few shots.

The girls and Gene visiting Angel & Little Chief.

girls & gene

Hannah and Lindsay with Little Chief.

H & L

Hannah and Little Chief.


Angel’s eye.


Doesn’t she have the most beautiful lashes?


Friday, we arose early and Gene went up to the hospital (which is only 5 min away) to see his dad before he went into surgery. While he was there the girls and I ate breakfast and got ready to go to the hospital. After we arrived at the hospital we received our first report, to tell us he was under and doing well. We received many reports during the surgery, which was nice, it helped to hear how he was doing. We had about 20 people in the waiting room including family & friends. Many others would trickle in and out. It was nice to be able to catch up with people and visit; it took your mind off of what was going on in surgery. They had Pop on a heart pump for over 4 hours which is the riskiest part of the surgery, as his heart is actually stopped and the machine is pumping the blood for it.

The waiting area we were in was on the second floor, and it opened to the floor below where there was a fountain. I don’t know who came up with the idea, but someone noticed there was money in the fountain, and they decided to see if they could add to it from the second floor.

Here is the crew watching Guy & Uncle Bobby pitch pennies.

Here goes the pitch!

Here’s the fountain below, and who is that I see on the escalator…. the long arm of the law, coming to take them to jail in the paddy wagon??? No, it’s just Ed Baswell, deputy, and friend of the family, coming to check on Pop.

Pop’s surgery lasted until 2, and he did quite well, considering he had a quadruple bypass. They took the veins out of his leg laproscopically since he has diabetes. All in all it went well though. Later that night we went to Catfish King with Gene’s mom, step-dad, his brother, Guy, and his wife, Fancy, and his sister, Ginger.

Here’s the crew minus, Fancy & Papaw.

While we were in Bossier we stayed at my parents’ house. They were in Branson, so, unfortunately we were unable to visit with them. While there I was able to take some pictures of their beautiful flowers though.

After the surgery was over and Pop was headed to recovery, we took the girls back to the house to rest for a while. After we rested we went to the Boardwalk. We had fun at Bass Pro; looking at the alligators and turtles. Who can go to Louisiana and not visit the alligators? Then we went to Build-a-Bear because Rachel wanted to buy a bear. Her Keethness came out at Build-a-Bear and we all got a great laugh out of it. Now mind you, Rachel is 13, so being told to rub the heart of her bear and jump up and down to bring it to life…. was a bit much. She looked at the girl and firmly said, “I’m not interested in doing that!” I had to walk across the store and hide so I could laugh. To be quite honest she got that from her momma as well. We then rode the trolley around the Boardwalk which was also fun.

After we finished there we went and got some Starbuck’s….. Yeah!! … and then to the hospital to visit Pop. Only Gene and I saw him, as we thought the vent tube might upset the girls. He was doing quite well…. considering. Later that night he was able to sit up and talk, and even called Nanny at 2:45am to let her know he was doing well.

Saturday was another busy day. The girls and I slept in, while Gene got up early and went to Pop’s to edge his very long driveway. It was the first time it had been done this year, so it was quite a chore. While he did that, the girls and I got ready and packed things up so they would be ready to load on the van. We went to the hospital for the 1pm visitation, and all of the girls got to see him. He was looking well, and even able to crack some jokes.

We said our goodbyes to family at the hospital and then made a quick stop at Target. We came to the house, and loaded up the van. If you have 7 people, and all of their luggage for a week, plus things for kids to do on a 6 hour journey…. well lets just say there’s a exact science to loading a mini-van under these circumstances. We ate dinner at Sonic on the way out, hitting the road at 6pm.

At midnight our tired crew pulled into the driveway, oh, so glad to be home.

Since we have been home the girls’ allergies and asthma have been acting up. I think part of that is due to their immune systems being down from the trip. Hopefully we’ll get that all back under control again in the next few days.

Hopefully, I will be able to get back to blogging, which I greatly enjoy.

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