Ya Just Had To Be There

by lora on May 14, 2008

I am coming to find that since there is a wide age range of girls in our family, the younger ones have “missed out” on some things that Lindsay has experienced. For instance, there are certain cultural references of which the younger girls are clueless. Tonight Lindsay, Hannah, Rachel & I went to Wal-Mart about 9pm to escape the fumes from the cleaner Gene was using on the A/C. As a treat I bought 2 packages of Strawberry Cheesecake Bites, and had determined the number that each member of family could have for even distribution. It is important that you are aware that the later it gets, the sillier I get. As I was driving, Lindsay would hand me a bite, and I would say, “One….ahahahaha.” Close your eyes and think of the Count on Sesame Street. Lindsay and I kept this going, and would laugh each time. After we got to about number three, Hannah and Rachel asked why we kept saying that. Lindsay and I tried to explain…. but they just didn’t get it. Then I said to Lindsay, “Psst…. Hey Bud, ya wanna buy an “E”?” They didn’t get that one either. Then Lindsay and I began talking about things that we joke about with each other, that they just don’t get.

Lindsay was sharing a story with us about some homeschool cultural references, the last one dealing with a Powder Puff Pamela Cruise on Adventures in Odyssey. This reference was lost on me, and I shared how it sounded like a Mary Kay Cruise . The statement about Mary Kay completely befuddled Rachel and Hannah. Here’s what I heard…. over my laughter.

Rachel: Is that Mary Kate & Ashley???

Lindsay & Me: Peals of laughter…….

Rachel: What?????

Hannah: I thought you were talking about Kay Jewelers.

At one point in the conversation Lindsay and I were discussing the way the smell of cigarettes hangs on a heavy smoker, much like the cloud following Pig Pen. (We are highly sensitive to cigarette smoke, even if it’s just on someone’s clothing) Rachel wanted to know what pig sty we were talking about.

Obviously there needs to be some culturally relevant instruction going on around here.

editor’s note:  Hannah has informed me that she didn’t think I was talking about Kay Jewelers… she thought I said Kay Jewelers.

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