Fun Filled Weekend

by lora on May 22, 2008

This weekend we are hosting a Texas reunion for HSA, and are getting quite excited! Lindsay has been a member for almost two years; making many wonderful friends along the way. This weekend we have reserved an area park, which will be closed to anyone but our group. We are planning for volleyball, ultimate Frisbee, spoons and many other fun games. For lunch we will grill hot dogs, and have the favorite drink for HSA events–Pinko (pink lemonade). There will be about 30 people attending so we should have a really good time. That evening we will eat dinner at another HSA favorite spot, Taco Bell. To finish up the day many of us are going to see Prince Caspian.

To prepare for this we have been doing many projects around the house that have been put on the back burner… you know how that goes. I don’t have pictures yet, but hope to later this week… or maybe next. Right now it still looks like an atom bomb went off around here. It is one of those situations where you have to create a really huge mess, in order to create order. So in a sense, chaos can bring about order. Some of the projects have been: painting the dining area, finishing the painting in the family room, painting the hall, finishing the flooring in the family room, partially flooring the hall, putting together 2 bookshelves (ok, so they are a little wonky and look like I had been drinking when I put them together… but they are serving their purpose), and re-organized nearly all of our books. This is no small feat; I have 140 linear feet of books in the house (not counting those in storage), therefore, this is quite a task.

In regard to our books, Lindsay and I are very particular about how are books are arranged. At times this has caused mild conflicts around our house, because certain people want to arrange books that look alike together. That will just not do, how could I possibly remember what my Spurgeon biography looks like? I don’t want to have to look through several series of books to find something; that is too confusing for me. Lindsay and I put biographies in alphabetical order by subject’s last name. Fiction is in alphabetical order by author’s last name. Categories such as science, history, crafts are sorted by type (as in science) then by sub-topic (such as astronomy). My Christian non-fiction books are grouped by author’s last name. This is what we have been doing for a great deal of the time over the last few days.

We will be having a few people stay with us this weekend as well. Friday night we will have a friend of the girls’ joining us in the afternoon and spending the night with us. She lives on the other side of Houston, which is about an hour away. Late Friday night Gene will be going to the airport with Lindsay to pick up two of her friends who are courting. One lives in Dallas and the other in Little Rock, but they will be flying in together. They will be staying with us Friday night. Saturday night we will have 3 people spending the night, but two of them will be different. It will be a lot of fun to have them all here… though I don’t expect much sleep.

Sunday I will serve breakfast to our group plus some who are staying in a nearby hotel, and then we will all go to church together. Our church shares a meal every week, and then has a fellowship time afterwards. We usually arrive home between 3 & 3:30, so it will be a long day. All of our friends who stayed with us will depart from church, and I’m sure that once we arrive home, we will all just collapse.

There is much preparation to do over the next few days, but it is a rewarding kind of busyness. While it’s tiring, and at times stressful, I know that it will have many rewards… which makes it worth the hard work. We are also looking forward to seeing all of our friends and being able to spend an extended amount of time with them. We’ll take lots of pictures this weekend, and I will post them and some of my recipes next week.

Have a wonderful Memorial Day, and while you remember the soldiers who died so that we might be free… remember the Saviour who gave His life so that you may have true and eternal freedom!

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