July 4th Celebration

by lora on July 5, 2007

We had a wet but wonderful 4th. We stayed around the house for the most part, staying out of the rain. I cooked the much awaited brisket, homemade golden mashed potatoes (with cream cheese), gravy, corn on the cob and yeast dinner rolls. We had lemon ice box pie for desert, and later that evening we had watermelon. We were planning on staying home for the evening, but as the girls ventured out to watch the fireworks; they realized they would be skeeter bait if they watched from our yard. Because of all of the rain we have had, there are many small lakes around the house.  If we could make money selling mosquitoes, we’d be rich. The girls and I decided at the last minute to head out to watch the Katy fireworks display at the mall. Gene had a toothache and stayed home. Since we didn’t leave until 9, we weren’t sure if we would get to the mall in time to see any of the show. As we got closer to the mall we saw many people in parking lots watching the show and parked all along the road. We finally found a parking place, and it was quite a good spot! Sarah was so excited! Being deaf, the fireworks are like music for her eyes. It was worth the traffic just to see her beaming face. It’s hard to explain what it is like to live with Sarah. In ways she’s like a 5 or 6 year old, who just happens to live in the body of a 19 year old. You will get the same type of reaction that you do from a young child. When I told her we were going to see the fireworks, she began to jump up and down while clapping, hardly being able to contain her exuberance. The fireworks lasted for about 45 minutes, ending in a climactic burst of color and sound. The booming of the explosions was so loud, we could feel it in the ground under our feet.

After the display was over we waited a while to leave, as there were tons of cars. We finally arrived home about 11 and ate our nice cold watermelon and I took my second brisket out of the roaster. Yes, that’s right, I cooked two briskets this week. The first one we ate like it was, and the second I’m making into bar-b-que for sandwiches. We had a wonderful day together and watched and listened to more fireworks late into the night.

Lindsay took some really good pictures of the fireworks, I hope you enjoy them.

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