A Week in Pictures July 9, 08

by lora on July 9, 2008

Last week we had a six legged visitor us late one night.  When we opened the door to let Maggie outside, this little fella made his way into the house. Rachel was the only one brave enough to let it walk on her.

The girls have developed and interest in embroidery, and have spent many hours over the last couple of weeks stitching away. I keep lots of craft supplies on hand so that when the urge to learn a new skill such as this strikes, I have what they need on hand. I was thankful I had tons of patterns on hand for them when they decided they wanted to start stitching.

I took some more pictures around the yard of the roses; I will only bore you with a couple.

On the 4th we went to the city fireworks display in the parking lot of the mall, along with a couple of thousand other people. The weather was perfect, warm with a gentle breeze. I will end our week on a bang. Sorry, I couldn’t resist.

I am doing an online book study with some other ladies on the book Designed to be His Helpmeet by Debbi Pearl. I may write some about what I am studying here… we’ll see how it goes.

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