Month In Review: August

by lora on September 1, 2008

Things have been busy around here for the last month.  The girls’ asthma has been going strong, which has caused them do be down a lot.  This in turn keeps me busier, as I have more to do to run the house and meet their needs.  A few weeks ago I bought 6 boxes of Albuterol, thinking that this would last us for months, now I’m down to two unopened boxes and a partial box.  Thankfully it is not an expensive medicine.

August is Rachel’s birthday month, and on the 6th she was 14.  It’s so hard to believe it’s been 14 years since she was in NICU.  She has turned into a very loving and compassionate young lady, who is such a blessing.  She is such a joy, bringing much laughter and fun to our little bunch.

Me & Rachel at Chili’s.

Rachel & Gene’s at Chili’s

The wonderful fajitas that Rachel & I shared, and boy were they great!

Rachel’s Lemon Meringue birthday cake.

The happy birthday girl!

Below I will post some of my favorite pictures from August. Most of them were taken by me, and those will have my watermark on them. The ones that do not have the watermark, were taken by Rachel.

I hope that you are having a wonderful Labor Day weekend.  Keep all of those in the path of Gustav in your prayers.

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