Office Supply Fix

by lora on July 10, 2007

Tonight Lindsay and I ran some errands first going to New York Pizzeria. After some WONDERFUL pizza, we ran by Home Depot. We are going to do some re-decorating in Lindsay’s room, so Lindsay and I went to Home Depot to look at paint chips and flooring. In the near future we will be ripping up her carpet in the hopes of helping her asthma. Following her room, we will do it throughout the house. We have found the flooring we will use, now we just have to narrow in on a paint color.

After Home Depot, we went to Wal-Mart. We walked to the back of the store to preform our mourning march for the craft department. It’s is now officially gone, except for a few short aisles, causing the girls and I to go into mourning. My understanding is that upper management thinks that crafts are passe’ . I personally think this is a big mistake and hope that the person making these decisions will one day realize this.

Back to our Wal-Mart visit. Lindsay and I made an awesome discovery!!! It has to do with my office supply…addiction…dependency….craving….you get the general idea. I usually buy the girls .9mm mechanical pencils for school, so that the leads aren’t constantly breaking. Tonight Lindsay and I found liquid graphite mechanical pencils. They are like a ballpoint pen, but write with graphite instead of ink. We bought a pack, for purely scientific purposes. We had to try them out, so that we would know if they were any good. I mean what could we do… just leave them there and continue using the other mechanical pencils??? For our review… they are just TOO COOL! In fact, Gene took one of them for work because he loves mechanical pencils(though he isn’t addicted like certain other people). Here is a picture of the beloved pencils, I hope that you find them useful .

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