He is no fool!

by lora on November 15, 2008

He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain that which he cannot lose.


This is a picture of Jim Jones doing what he loved, sharing the gospel with those that are perishing.  Gene took this picture in Las Vegas as Jim preached in front of New York, New York and the MGM Grand.  Thursday afternoon, the Lord took Jim home when he was hit by a tractor trailer while riding his bicycle.  I want to share with you Jim’s testimony.

“Jim Who?

You’ve probably noticed, choosing a man that has grown up with the name of an infamous cult leader and calling him to evangelism shows our Lord has a sense of irony.

I was raised going to a Seventh-Day Adventist church, because that is what my family did. I also attended private church-run schools up through and including two years of college, where I gained a fair amount of knowledge in scripture and religion. I even studied for the ministry. However, a walk with a church as opposed to a walk with Christ wasn’t enough to sustain me. Eventually, I turned away and took a path that lead into drugs, the occult and other dark shadows.

I practiced Wicca as a solitaire for about three years. I flatly tell the Christians that think witchcraft and such are just make believe, they’re very mistaken. Things happened! I read Tarot cards, and from what both friends and strangers told me the readings were disturbingly accurate. Later, my wife & I joined a Druid grove where I initiated and became an understudy to the high priest. I went deeper into circle work, rituals and spell craft. When we moved to Oregon, it was my full intention to start a new coven or grove here.

Looking back, I don’t dwell on it too much, because I don’t want to glorify the enemy or give the demonic more attention than it is due. Praise God that our Savior redeems! I believe He permitted that experience so that I can witness and relate to a group and counter culture that most of the church either writes off or is outright frightened of. As Joseph told his brothers… “what you meant for evil, God has used for good.”

God took hold of me on February 29th, 2004. I was broken and sobbing; stripped of my self-righteousness. I realized the crimes I’d committed against God’s holy law. I’d lied, stolen, lusted, blasphemed His holy name and more. I deserved His wrath and judgment, and justice meant Hell. There was nothing I could do. I finally understood what Jesus had done, and it changed everything. As I faced the Judge of the Universe, Christ stepped in and paid the fine I could never hope to with His precious blood. I stood there, undeserving at the foot of the cross. I gave it all over to Him, and He handed back mercy and grace.

When I finally surrendered and passed through the narrow gate of repentance, other doors also swung open. Christ brought a teaching called Hell’s Best Kept Secret across my path. As I listened to it, I felt a missing puzzle piece fall into place. A spark of evangelism came to life and the Lord fanned it into a flame.

With the support of my wife, Kelly, I’ve begun a ministry of street witnessing and open air preaching. I’m a graduate of the School of Biblical Evangelism, and have also become the leader of a local evangelism team. Evangelism isn’t just a priority – it’s a necessity. The more I read of my Bible, I just can’t see it any other way. People are dying and souls are going to Hell.

This is my guiding scripture…

For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine; but wanting to have their ears tickled, they will accumulate for themselves teachers in accordance to their own desires, and will turn away their ears from the truth and will turn aside to myths. But you, be sober in all things, endure hardship, do the work of an evangelist, fulfill your ministry. 2nd Timothy 4:3-5 (NASB)”

Jim’s ministry is A Fool Forgiven. While Jim may have given that title to himself, I say he was no fool. Jim was dedicated to the Lord and to the spreading of the gospel. He was willing to sacrifice material possessions, time, and energy to the passionate sharing of the cross. Please take a few minutes to watch this video of Jim preaching in front of Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas. The guy next to him holding the speaker is my husband, Gene.

You may look at this video and wonder to yourself, “What good is he really doing standing on a stool, sharing the gospel in such a way?” God’s Word does not return void, and we have no idea whose life may be impacted by the preaching of the cross. There were many times people would yell at Jim, curse at him, and probably even spit in his face. Yet time after time he would climb back on that stool and begin again. Not because he was some super hero, but because he understood the price that was paid for his salvation. Christ was cursed, mocked, beaten, and crucified that we might have life. Not because we ever did anything to deserve it, but because He loved us enough while we still sinners, to show us mercy and grace.

Have you ever had someone cut you off on the road to the point that you have to slam on your brakes to avoid hitting them? Doesn’t that just make you nuts?! Have you ever been falsely accused? Doesn’t that just seem unfair? Maybe you didn’t get the credit for something you did… that will really get your steam going! It really gets to us when we don’t feel we get the respect or honor we should, or when someone is unfair to us. Let me ask you something… do you believe that Jesus died on the cross? Do you believe that He is God’s Son? How do you show that? I have heard some people say they love God, but their life doesn’t reflect it. They seem to believe that being born into a “Christian” family gets them their golden ticket to heaven. They identify being Christian as if it’s an ethnicity, not a faith. 80% of all Americans will answer that they are Christians when they are surveyed, but they never darken the door of a church, never read their Bibles, and never share their faith. Do you fit into this category? This is an important question, and I challenge you to truly examine yourself and see if you are in the faith. Re-read Jim’s testimony; he has it all explained clearly, where there should be no doubt. Don’t wait until tomorrow… you may not have it. I’m sure that when Jim left his home to go on a bike ride, he never thought that would be the last thing he would do.

Here is a tribute to Jim that was put up today.

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If you would like to donate to the family of Jim Jones please go to this donation page

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