Time just flies

by lora on February 27, 2009

It seems as if the weeks are flying by me.  I’m not sure if it’s because I have so much that I am not getting accomplished, or because I’m just getting older.  Personally I opt for the former… the latter is depressing.  It seems my list of things I want to do is never-ending.  I think I could get more accomplished if I wrote the list out, but I don’t want to write the list because the thought of all that needs to go on it can be paralyzing.  It also takes time to write out said list, which is also a commodity that is scarce around here.  In the last few weeks things have been somewhat busy and different.

My beloved computer, Wilberforce, is gradually dying and coming apart at the seams… literally.  The battery has stopped holding a charge and one of the monitor hinges has seized up, causing the  case around the screen to crack.  The D/C port is also having a problem being loose, so if the wire moves, it turns off the computer.  Gene did find a solution for this problem… if you’re a geek, you may not want to know, so just look away for a minute.  He put super glue on the outside of the male end of the jack and inserted it into the D/C jack, and it hasn’t moved since.  To that end, when we go our tax refund, Gene bought me a new computer.  It’s a Sony and I really love it.  It has a built in webcam and surround sound speakers.  Right now I’m trying to get familiar with new programs and get everything transferred over to this hard-drive.  Once again, this all takes time… and that is something I am short of.

A week ago I took Hannah and Rachel to get their eyes checked.  Hannah got a new prescription, but Rachel needed to come back to get dilated with a stronger medicine that would last about 24 hours. We went back Wed. and had the test performed.  I had just had her eyes checked in June, but in January she began complaining of eye strain, inablity to read without getting headaches, and trouble watching TV.  It was a really good thing that we went in; her eyes had gotten much worse.  In June her right eye was +1.0 and her left eye was +0.25, Wed. her right eye was +2.75 and her left eye was +2.50.  My hope it is just that her eyes are changing due to her growing, but if her headaches don’t stop after a month with the new glasses, we will be going back to the doctor.

A few weeks ago we were approached by a reporter who was wanting to do a story on street preachers in Houston.  We met with him for an interview and then he came on the streets with us a couple of times.  It was an interesting experience being observed and having a photographer following us around.  We don’t know when he will be finished with the story or when it will be published.

Next week we have two birthdays coming up Hannah will be 16, and Caroline will be 13.  We are planning a day trip to San Antonio to celebrate and the girls are very excited. It is so strange to think that all of my girls are teens or older.  It seems just like yesterday I was pregnant with Caroline, but then on the other hand it feels as if she’s always been here.

That catches things up for now.  As I often say, I hope to be posting more in the future, we’ll how to see how my time to write works out.

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