Spring has Sprung!

by lora on April 7, 2009

Spring is in full swing down here in the Lone Star State, and we are loving it! We just had another cool snap, but today is beautiful.  It’s a breezy 68 with beautiful blue skies and puffy white clouds lazily rolling by.  This is my perfect weather day.  I am thoroughly convinced that this will be what everyday in heaven is like.  Many changes have taken place on the home-front, and a sense of normalcy seems to be taking hold.The girls are much improved, though today allergies are flaring due to pollen.  Sunday we were excited that it was the third Sunday in a row we were all able to go to church.  This may seem like a small thing, but considering we haven’t been able to accomplish that feat in two years, it was quite momentous to us.  We haven’t had to have a breathing treatment in about a month, which considering I have 4 with asthma, is a small miracle.  The girls were even able to go to folk dancing last Saturday night.

We have recently begun attending a new church, and so far are quite pleased with it.  In Nov. we began attending a church near our home in the hopes that the girls & I would be able to attend more often.  We were making a compromise, because the church was close, and we were partially putting aside our convictions about family integrated church.  We were able to stay together as a family in worship and Sunday School, but that isn’t the same, and that became all too apparent to us.  So, for the last three weeks we have been visiting

Grace family Baptist Church.

The people have been kind and welcoming and the preaching has been great. There have also been many young ladies for my young ladies to become friends with. I want to do a post on why we feel family integration is so important, and I hope to do so in the near future. I actually have about 10 posts swirling around in my head, it’s just finding the time to write them.In my last post I wrote about my new computer and a few weeks after that, Lindsay’s began to show signs of imminent death. We bought her a Mac. She does a lot of computer work for us all, as well as some for Gene’s company, so a working computer is very important for her. Previously when we have seen major computer issues arising and have purchased new computers, the old one promptly dies. Well, the two laptops we replaced, decided they didn’t like being replaced and for no apparent reason, the previous problems disappeared. This has actually been helpful, as the younger girls now use Lindsay’s old computer, and Gene & I have two computers to use as well. Gene spends a great deal of time writing, so this has helped out tremendously. Not that you could tell it by looking at my blog, my Facebook page or e-mail inbox.

Since my last post, Rachel has had to return to the eye doctor. Her new glasses worked for a while, but then she began noticing they needed to be stronger. Two weeks ago I took her in and the doctor put her into bifocals. Two days later I took Caroline in and she was put in them as well. Sarah had been asking to go to the eye doctor telling us she wanted black glasses. We all thought it was one of Sarah’s obsessions, that she was just wanting to be like her sisters. Boy, were we wrong! Her distance vision is quite bad. They were only able to give her about half of what she needed, which was about 2.5, but in six months I will take her back and she may jump up to 4.25. She got her black glasses, and she is quite the happy girl.

In March we celebrated the girls’ birthday by taking a day trip to San Antonio. We had a wonderful day seeing the Alamo and riding on a boat down the river. Unbeknown to us, March 6 (the day we went to San Antonio) was the anniversary of the fall of the Alamo. There were tons of people there, but we still had a good time. San Antonio is a wonderful city to visit, with many family friendly activities.  The history is amazing, and the girls really enjoyed their time there.  I posted more pictures in January from the December trip that Gene and I took.  If you’d like to see those photos you can see the albums in this post.

Hannah taking a picture of Lindsay taking her picture.

Rachel, in the gardens.

Gene and Sarah waiting on all of us to finish taking pictures.

Caroline at the well that was used during the time of the siege.

Some of the re-enactors.

Lindsay setting up to take pictures.

The Alamo at night.

This family picture didn’t turn out as well as we wanted.  We were rushed because there were lots of people who kept walking through while we were trying to take it.  The girls’ transitions lens didn’t help a lot either.

From left to right:Front row: Hannah, 16, Rachel, 14, & Caroline, 13

Middle row:  Lindsay, 24 & Sarah, 21

Back row: Gene & I … ages unimportant 😉

I hope that wherever you are at that spring is beginning to peek through, and that the beauty it brings will remind you of our Father in heaven, and His provision for us through His Son Jesus Christ!

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