Struggles In Our Life

by lora on October 14, 2009

In several of my posts I have alluded to struggles that are occurring in my life at this time.  I realize that the inference that could be taken is that these difficulties could be arising from Lindsay & Ryan’s courtship.  Nothing could be further from the truth.  Now, when we are in the throes of planning the wedding… well, there may be some stress then 😉

In the end of July we received word that my father had been diagnosed with small cell carcinoma in his bladder.  This is obviously weighing heavily on my heart.  I want to keep most of the details off my blog, but if you want more information about what is happening in this area of my life, please feel free to e-mail me at

The other area that is causing me concern is the girls’ asthma.  It has flared up again and I think we are all on edge hoping that it doesn’t last until March as it has in the past.

Your prayers about these areas of our lives are coveted and greatly appreciated.

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