Reflections in the Dark

by lora on February 4, 2010

It’s 2 am and the power is out. As I sit in my quiet, dark kitchen writing by candle light, I am acutely aware of all of the sounds of the house. I can hear four of the girls in their room giggling with nervous laughter as they try to reassure themselves that the storm is passing. I hear “The Chronicles of Narnia” playing in their CD player. I hear Lindsay dropping in on them for a few minutes to laugh with them and tell them goodnight. I’m tempted to tell them all to be quiet and settle down because I’m tired and want to go to bed. But, I stop myself. I am aware that this may be the last time they go through a storm like this together, along with all of the excitement and fear that comes along with it.

As I sit here listening to someone’s dog barking down the street I think about the passage of time. The reality that time flies all to quickly is pressing in on me. This has caused me to be extremely reflective, and to look back on my life with Lindsay. It has also caused me to savor every minute with all of my girls. I realize that time is fleeting and before I blink they will all be out of my door. I know many parents can’t wait for their children to leave, and I find that rather sad. I love spending time with my girls & look forward to spending time with them and their futures husbands and children when that time arrives.

The lights are back on, and the adventure of the power being out is over. For those who were fearful there is rejoicing. For me, it’s just an all too real reminder of how quickly time goes by.

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