More Reflection Time

by lora on May 31, 2010

On the drive home from church yesterday I received a phone call that has given me more cause for reflection. Lindsay called to tell me that she is expecting. There was much excitement, including many shouts and screams. The hardest part for us all was not being able to post it here or on Facebook for 24 hours. We wanted to give Lindsay time to post before we did.

My emotions are conflicting one another, in one sense I’m amazed that she is going to be a mother, in another I’m not. She has always wanted to be a mom, and now she will be. The joy that it brings to me is tremendous. We have talked about this time for years and now that it’s here I am so thankful we have more in common than we did just a few short weeks ago.

I know that many people believe you should wait to have children, or limit the number you have, but we believe that children are a blessing from the Lord for which we should be praying. Our prayer is that the Lord will bless them with many little curly headed babies and bring much joy to their lives. The challenges and the hurdles to be overcome in the years ahead are all blessings to be anticipated. I am thankful that they are experiencing this blessed time together and this is yet another way they will be drawn toward one another.

In many ways I wish I could be there, but I am also joyfully content with the Lord’s provision. I know that He has her in the palm of His hand, and He will be able to supply her needs much more abundantly than I can. We have all had to come to terms with the fact that we won’t be able to be there when the baby is born, and it may be a week or more before we can get to Denver. I am trusting that the Lord’s timing for us to see the baby will be perfect.

Between the wedding and now with the pregnancy, the Lord is teaching me to put aside my wants. Selfish desires flood over me, and I want what I want and I want it . . . now! Don’t I sound just like a nagging 2 year old?! The Lord is teaching me to put others wants/needs ahead of my own and to surrender to the circumstances in which He has placed me. I have been learning that a lot of this is an issue of self control. It definitely isn’t that I don’t have the desires and emotions, I do, but that He is teaching me to keep them to myself, to not let them rule me, and to willingly submit to His will. It is all about choice. I have a choice whether I submit willingly, with my heels dragging, or not at all. My hope is that I will choose to submit willingly, though I don’t always accomplish that.

Our cup is overflowing with the blessings that the Lord has chosen to bestow upon us. Many today teach that if we do ______ (fill in the blank with the latest heresy) the Lord will bless us. They believe that God is like Santa Claus. He’s not! He’s holy and righteous and perfect in every way. We aren’t fit to tie His sandals or even look upon Him. Anything that we receive is strictly due to His mercy and grace, there is nothing we did to merit it. Because we know this, it makes every blessing He chooses to give us even more wonderful, because it wasn’t something we could earn. To God be the glory, great things He hath done!

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