This Is Our Life

by lora on August 25, 2010

Have you ever heard of the ‘50’s television show, “This Is Your Life”? In that show people were surprised by people from their lives who came on the show to tell how they knew this key person. Today, I am going to share the story of how things have been behind the scenes in our home.

Eight years ago after we moved to Houston, Lindsay became sick with chronic sinus infections which moved into asthma by the winter. Within the next three years Hannah, Rachel and Caroline all had asthma as well. As their asthma and allergies worsened other symptoms were added to the mix. They were fatigued, fuzzy headed, having migraines, and stomach issues. Most of these fit into the category of serious airborne allergies and the side effects of the needed medicine. Many people take preventative medicines for their asthma, but with the girls most of these seemed to only exacerbate it. There have been months of going through migraines, one or more of the girls living in the dark and quiet for weeks on end to deal with the pain, only coming out a couple of times a day. There have been endless nights staying awake until 6 am trying to get someone’s asthma under control. School has basically been on hold, because they often were not able to concentrate long enough and didn’t have enough energy to do the necessary tasks.

Most people can’t comprehend what life is truly like in our house. For a while I would try to explain to those who were close to me, but they didn’t really understand. I received lots of ideas and comments from outsiders who thought that I must not be doing “something” right. I thought that as well. The only problem was . . . I couldn’t find any answers. We tried traditional medicines, homeopathy, and herbs and none of it seemed to make any difference.

A general feeling of helplessness overcame us, and then acceptance that this was the way things were going to be. We have try to focus on what God is teaching us during these days, and He has taught us a lot. I know he has taught me a great deal about my selfish nature. We have also learned a lot about expectations. We often make things or events much more important than they should be. I have really battled over the holidays the last couple of years. We would all have things we would want to do to make the holidays special, but for the last few Christmases all that the girls have been able to muster is watching “It’s A Wonderful Life”, in their pajamas. It can be hard to be encouraging and make things fun, when they all feel like this illness is ruling their lives and it will never end.

At this time we are in a hopeful stage of life. In a casual conversation with a dear woman from church we began to see some overlapping of the symptoms she experiences and what the girls experience. In talking to her we found that she had Celiac disease. I had heard of it, but never would have put it together. When we came home we did more research and were astonished to see how many of the symptoms that we had, matched up with Gluten Intolerance or Celiac. At first we believed we most likely had the intolerance, but are pretty sure now that several of us have Celiac (it is genetic and not uncommon for a whole family to have it). We have been off of Gluten for a couple of weeks and have already seen changes. Some of the changes are good, and some of them are difficult. I will be writing more here and on Keeth Family Homemaking about the changes we have been making.

Have you had to deal with food allergies and intolerance? I’d love to hear your experiences. I am finding that I can glean a great deal of wonderful information from those who have walked this path before me.

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