Homeschooling Site Update

by lora on November 8, 2010

It has been painfully obvious that I have be absent a great deal from this blog over the last couple of months. I have been working behind the scenes getting my homeschooling blog ready for launch with the goal of launching it later this week. We’re getting antsy and excited as the launch approaches. Much like you would feel with the impending birth of a baby. I guess it is much like my baby because I have put incalculable hours into it’s development and birth.

Rachel has been helping me a great deal with the technical side of things. This has been a learning adventure for the two of us. We have worked with some tools that have made building this site easier than it has been to build our sites in the past. There have been many hours of considering options and trying out new things, only to undo the work we just did because it didn’t work like we wanted. We are happy with the results we are seeing, though I don’t know that we will ever be content with it. I think we will always see things that we could tweak. After we finish the homeschooling site, we are going to re-work our evangelism site as well.

Hannah created the header image for me which took a great deal of work and creativity. Part of that is because we were working with what we had on hand. We don’t have a lot of fancy lighting equipment, so we relied on natural lighting which in turn meant we could only shoot pictures during a very small window of time. She did the editing in Photoshop Elements which is a very basic editing program. It did allow her to edit the image and take my idea, expand on it and create something better than I had imagined.

Caroline has been helping me with varying tasks around the house, and just generally wherever I needed it. This has allowed me to do lots of research in design and content. Without all of their help I wouldn’t have been able to do all that I have on the site.

Gene will be writing on the site with me. His main focus will be encouraging fathers/husbands. He won’t write as often as I do, due to time constraints from work. He will also be helping me in product development. We have a couple of things that we are already developing and hope to get out in the next few months.

In the midst of trying to get all of this done, we have also had the Semper Reformanda conference and these last two weeks everyone except me has had an upper respiratory virus. Things have been slower going toward the launch than I would have liked, but things all work out in their time.

Be sure to check back later in the week, and hopefully I will have the launch announcement up!

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